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August 25, 2016 (5)

We left Kandi beach in Malawi at 4:30 in the morning and drove towards the boarder of Zambia. It was a little bit cooler today and it looked like it might rain, a welcome break from the extreme heat. When we finally crossed the boarder into Zambia the infrastructure immediately improved. We stopped in a supermarket at the first town and it was stocked with food. I did a bit of grocery shopping and sat down in a café to enjoy a coffee. The girl behind the counter was about my age. She was extremely pleasant and friendly and we chatted for a while, while I sipped on my delicious cappuccino. When I commented that it looked like we may get some rain today she mentioned that it had not rained there for almost a year. Feeling my mood improve more and more since I left our beach campsite in Malawi that morning I thanked her for the coffee and climbed back on the truck to make my way to our next campsite.

Our first campsite in Zambia was really pretty with Zebra roaming around freely. They sounded like they may gallop right into our tent at night. I was able to get pretty close to one to take a photo but after I snapped a few shots he chased me with his teeth showing. I managed to narrowly escape the Zebra attack with my arms still intact. The next day was another early morning and another long drive day. We ended up in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. It was a beautifully developed city, and we stopped at a shopping mall that reminded me a lot of the mall we went to in Nairobi. We camped in the capital that night on a quiet residential street. The next morning was another early rise and another long drive to Livingstone where we camped at a waterfront Campsite and spent the evening watching the sunset over the Zambezi. I do wish that we were able to spend more time in Zambia, as we basically just spent three days driving through. From what I was able to see along the drive and on our road side stops Zambia is a beautiful country although a little more expensive than the countries surrounding it.