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This Christmas, Buy A Bracelet, Invest In A Woman And Empower A Community With The Kula Project

November 25, 2016 (13)

It’s that time of year again. Christmas time, time to put up the tree, bake the cookies and spend time with the ones we love. When it comes to making our christmas list most of us already have everything we want. So, this Christmas I suggest making your gift count. Those who know me know that Rwanda is basically my second home and the amazing women I’ve met there have been an inspiration to me. They’ve changed my life, I’ve watched many girls grow into strong, independent young women and it’s projects like Sarah Buchanan’s Kula Project help make these opportunities possible

I know first hand that real change comes through investment and not charity. The Kula Project provides opportunity, they invest in Farmers in Rwanda and help to create sustainable communities. They identify community leaders and work with them for 5 years to develop a coffee crop. Kula project works with each individual farmer to develop a program that fits their needs. They stay with farmers for up to 5 years supplying the training and resources necessary for them to succeed. After working with Farmers for a year to develop a program that meets their needs, coffee trees are planted in early November and then the wait begins. The plants won’t produce a viable crop for three years. According to the World Bank, investing in agriculture is twice as effective at eliminating poverty than investing in any other sector. Coffee is the most important cash crop in Rwanda. Kula also partners with land of 1000 hills coffee to guarantee access to a fair trade market. The goal of this project is ensuring that farmers have the tools they need to grow and do well at every step of the process.

Kula project is creating a coffee company owned by the women who grow it. This Christmas they are selling a bracelet that will help make that possible. With every bracelet purchased they are able to purchase a coffee tree for one of the women in the project. This coffee tree will provide income for up to 30 years. This income enables these women to send their children to school, put food on the table and provide health care for their families.

This simple brass bangle is hand crafted in Rwanda, and although it is elegant and simplistic in it’s aesthetic it’s significance is anything but. This bracelet will not tarnish or bend. They are great for everyday wear or dressed up for a night out. They make the perfect christmas gift, bridesmaid gift or new staple piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

This Christmas, give a gift with a lasting impact. Buy a bracelet, invest in a woman and empower a community.

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