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Middle East


August 25, 2016 (4)

From a customer service perspective Qatar is hands down one of the best airlines Ive ever flown with. The staff is lovely, the food is good and when you have a long layover a hotel room is usually factored into the price of your ticket. Something I wasn’t even aware of until I landed in Doha.

I was coming home from living abroad for 6 months, early, due to unexpected circumstances and I was crushed. I just wanted to get home. I was exhausted and I needed to return home to reassess and figure out what my next move would be. It was one of those transitional times in life. Extremely difficult, never pleasant but totally necessary.

I had a 16 hour layover in Doha and after having all of my belongings stolen and all of my money, I planned on finding a small corner in the airport and curling up in a ball to try to sleep though it. So it was pleasantly surprised when I found out that instead I would be treated like royalty upon my arrival.

I went though customs, was shuttled to a five start hotel, fed an extravagant dinner, got a wonderful night sleep, got up to enjoy breakfast, was given a voucher for coffee and shuttled back to the airport.

I got to walk around Doha a little bit and explore but I didn’t have too many daylight hours to work with. Qatar is a tiny gulf state nation. It’s sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, it is surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf on all other sides. In true Arabian style, from what I was able to see, the city of Doha is luxurious with a mix of old and new as you can see in the contrast of modern shopping malls and traditional souqs. I do wish I had more time to explore Doha, but I’m not sure it would be high on my list of places to come back to anytime soon. I couldn’t find many places of interest to me. There is a lot of shopping but anyone who knows me knows well that shopping is one of my least favourite activities especially when I am traveling.

What are some of your favourite things to do in Doha? Leave suggestions in the comments and I will be sure to check it out and report back next time I am in that part of the world. :)