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March 19, 2018

Recently there was a post about a swimsuit company, Makana Swimwear, whose young own was shamed into shutting down because she sent a 16 year old contest winner a Brazilian cut bikini with a generic card asking customers to tag them in any social media posts . The original post is by Collective Shout which claims to be a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls. I decided to check out their Facebook page thinking that maybe there was something to the story that I was missing. That’s when I noticed a disturbing trend. Masquerading as feminists, this is not the first women run small business they’ve posted about and shamed because they did not agree with their product or ad choices. I decided to comment on their post stating that maybe they need to rethink their mission as they are completely missing the mark when it comes to feminism. You can see my post below.

About five minutes after posting, my post was deleted and comments closed. I want to state clearly that this is not what Feminism is about. It’s not about shaming other women because you don’t agree with their outfit choices. Slut shaming is not feminism. How much clothing I choose or do not choose to put on my body has nothing to do with the person I am and you are not a feminist for point out my wardrobe choices. Bullying a small business into shutting down because you think their bikinis are too sexual for a 16 year old young woman is not feminism. Feminism is about equality and I have not seen this much of an uproar over a 16 year old young man’s wardrobe or swimsuit choices.

Organizations like this give feminism a bad name. For all the fighting we still have left to do why are we fighting each other instead of the patriarchy? Bringing down other women because you do not agree with their wardrobe choices is not Feminism. I’ll say it one more time just incase you weren’t paying attention. #NotMyFeminism.