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August 20, 2016

My love affair with Cuba started in 2009. Cuba was the first country I visited outside of North America and it also started my love affair with travel. Cuba is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean. The beaches are beautiful, the culture is rich and it’s hard to not fall head over heals in love with the architecture, cafes and history in the capital city of Havana.

If you are looking for a relaxing week on the beach or a week filled with culture and exploring. Cuba can offer both. Depending on where you go you can enjoy the beach, explore the city and culture or maybe squeeze in both activities.

I’ve stayed in Varadero and Havana. Personally Varadero is a bit too touristy for me. It is a town that was built specifically for the tourist industry. But the beaches are nice and if you just want to escape for a while with a good book its a nice place to stay. It’s also only a few hours from Havana so you could pop into Havana for the day to explore if you get bored of lazing around.

Staying in havana is more my speed. I could spend weeks getting lost in alleyways and admiring the beauty of the architecture and history. The houses in Havana are glorious in their beauty, what looks like a normal door opens up in to a hidden courtyard with vibrant tiles and colourful paint. I swoon over every little detail.

The cafe culture in Havana is another thing I really enjoy. Cuban coffee is delicious and a splash of Cuban rum doesn’t hurt either. I love to set up at Cafe O’Riley and work on freelance projects. It’s my office away from home when I’m exploring Havana.

Cuba is a fairly cheap destination from Canada, which is why I make time to slip away and visit each year, but with the economy opening up to the USA, if you haven’t had a chance to explore Cuba yet I would jump on a plane and go see it before it changes.