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Arrifana, Portugal’s Best Kept Secret

October 25, 2016 (2)

Imagine waking up to this every morning. The sound of crashing waves against the sound and rocks and the cool, salty breeze from the ocean kissing your face. You roll out of bed, slip into your bathing suit and head down the cliffs to a beautiful, quiet sandy beach and let the cool waters of the atlantic wake you up. After a morning swim, you hike back up the cliffs to sit on a balcony over looking the ocean to have breakfast and a coffee. What if I told you the beautiful place I am describing is not a five start luxury resort or the figment of my dreams but actually a hostel and an affordable one (HI Arrifana) that I stayed at in Arrifana, a surfers paradise and possibly one of Portugal’s best kept secrets.

About a 5 hour bus ride from Lisbon to Aljezur (2.5 hours in the car) and about 8.5 kilometres from Aljezur sits the quiet beach village (i’m not sure you could even call it a village) of Arrifana. The first thing that struck me about this beautiful place is how quiet it was. Where were all of the people? I had just come from touristy Lisbon and I could not get over the fact that there was hardly anyone around. Besides a few surfers and a few people resting from walking the he Rota Vicentina, which follows the Atlantic for 110km along the wildest, most unspoilt coastline in southern Europe (I’ve added this item to my bucket list making 101 items) there was no one around.

Besides enjoying the beach and doing some hiking there is not much else to do in Arrifana which make it the perfect spot to get away and relax, reconnect with yourself and with nature.
I did find one amazing Puruvian Restaurant that is well priced and the food is amazing so if you are looking for somewhere to eat make sure you check out La Preferida.

I spent my mornings swimming in the ocean, my days writing on the beach, my evening watching some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen and my nights reading and journaling before falling asleep.

Getting here:

rede bus service (31 euros round trip), and then you can either hitch hike or take a taxi into Arrifana (it’s about 12 euros).

Where to stay:

Hi Arrifana Hostel, it’s clean, quiet, has the best view, and is located right across from the beach.

Where to eat:

La Preferida Peruvian Restaurant the food is amazing! The prices are good and the staff is very friendly. Plus there are some cute puppies running around the yard and that’s always a huge plus in my books 🙂

In conclusion if you come to Portugal make sure you make time to visit Arrifana beach. I promise you won’t regret it.