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30 before 30

October 24, 2016 (1)

My love affair with lists continues (see 100 before 100) .But it seems to be working for me. If I look at all of the goals I set for myself even 2 years ago I can confidently say that I’ve crossed off about 75% of them. I’m not sure that would have been possible if I didn’t write them down and refer back to them. It helps my brain stay organized, allows me to prioritize what to focus on, achieve that and then move to the next thing. So about a year ago I decided with 3 years left till 30 it was time to create a list of the 30 things I want to accomplish before my twenties are over.

1. Pay off all debt
2. Own my own home
3. Learn to speak french fluently (preferably in France)
4. Build and run a successful and socially concious company.
5. Visit Every Continent

6 Write a Successful blog that is wildely read and inspiring
7. Climb a mountain
8. Have two sources of passive income
9. Visit Israel
10. Visit 30 Countries before 30

11. Save a $10 000 nest egg
12. Define what success means to me
13. Run a 1/2 marathon
14. Learn to use a design program (photoshop/illustrator or Sketch)
15. drive a camper van across a country.

16. Live in another country for 3-6 months
17. Speak in front of a large group of people
18. Adopt a dog
19. Learn to paddle board/surf
20. See the Northern Lights

21. Get my G drivers Licence
22. Master the art of healthy eating
23. Keep/Maintain a daily journal
24. Change a life
25. Learn to let go

26. Visit every province in Canada
27. Make a morning/bedtime routine and stick to it
28. Clear up skin issues
29. Take a DNA test to find out my ancestry
30. Find Balance

What’s on your list? Leave some of your list items in the comments 🙂