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100 Before 100

October 10, 2016 (1)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I have a love of lists. You should see my google drive, so full of spreadsheets weekly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, action plans, deadlines, etc. To be honest making lists can be a lot of fun but I mostly make them because I have a lot of interesting ideas and things I want to try and to experience that I would forget about if I didn’t write down. I’ve had this list of 100 things I want to accomplish before I turn 100 laying around for a while and at least a few times a year I go back and look at it and hopefully check a few items off. If you haven’t made one of these lists yet I suggest you do it! It can be a fun exercise and help you see what is important to you and where you should focus your efforts. I like to also break these lists down into smaller lists (see 30 before 30) just to keep myself on track and make sure that I am living life to my full potential.

Below is a list of 100 things I want to accomplish before I turn 100 years old, in no particular order. I hope it inspires you to create your own list!

Do you have a bucket list or a 100 before 100? I would love to hear about what some of the items on your list are. Please leave them in the comments 🙂

1. Set foot on each of the 7 continents
2. Start and build socially responsible company that brings value to the world
3. Be my own boss
4. Build or remodel my dream home – my dream is to buy an old house, and renovate it myself.
5. Change a life for the better
6. Learn how to Surf
7. Follow a meal from farm to table
8. Find a partner to share my life with, start a family, change the world, and live our dreams.
9. Adopt a child – Two actually. I would like to have two children of my own and adopt two children who need a loving family.
10. Climb an active volcano

11. Grow my own veggies
12. Shake the hand of a leader who has changed the world for the better
13. Learn to Speak at least 5 Different Languages
14. Create something beautiful
15. Have a picnic in front of the Eiffel tower
16. Ride a camel to the lost city of Petra
17. Plant a tree
18. Adopt a Dog
19. Ride a gondola in Venice
20. Be someone’s mentor

21. Learn to play a musical instrument
22. Sleep under the stars
23. Overcome the fear of failure
24. Watch a meteor shower
25. Learn to sail
26. See the pyramids
27. Go on a safari
28. Go to the top of the empire state building
29. Spend christmas in NYC
30. Walk the great wall of china

31. Milk a cow
32. Spend an entire day without speaking
33. Get my Yoga Instructor certification.
34. Give a keynote presentation at a leadership conference
35. Learn to make wine in Italy
36. Drive across America
37. Write a book or two
38. Climb Kilimanjaro
39. Hike Machu Picchu
40. Experience the Northern Lights

41. Go Dog Sledding
42. Sun tan nude on a nude beach
43. Learn how to navigating using the stars, learn the constellations
44. Go to Burning man
45. Stand under a waterfall
46. Ride the trans-siberrian express
47. Go to Carnival in Rio
48. Go whale watching
49. See an iceberg
50. Spend a night in the Kakslauttanen

51. Float in the dead sea
52. Stand on the Equator
53. Cage dive with great white sharks
54. Throw a tomato in la tomatina
55. Attend a masquerade in Venice
56. Get my diving certification
57. Ride a motorcycle
58. See Iguaza Falls
59. Visit the Galapagos Islands
60. See the Taj Mahal

61 Attend Yi Peng festival in Thailand
62. Make a stranger smile
63. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
64. Party in Ibiza
65. Go Skinny Dipping
66. Walk underneath a Baobab tree in Madagascar
67. Visit the rock churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia
68. See the mountain gorillas in Rwanda
69. Climb Mt. Fuji
70. See Santorini in Greece

71. Bike across a country
72. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
73. Develop a mission statement for my life – follow it
74. Go hot air ballooning in Cappodocia, Turkey
75. Go on a backcountry canoe trip in a Canadian National Park
76. Spend an entire day in bed (guilt free), order room service
77. Visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands
78. Swim in each Ocean (okay, maybe not the Arctic ones)
79. Build a family estate (a winery, a farmhouse, a cabin in the woods, whatever) Somewhere to gather on holidays and something to leave behind.
80. Go paddle boarding

81. Observe the Zhangye Danxia land form
82. Spend a night on the glowing beach in the Maldives – seriously, google this!
83. Have the ability to work remotely and live anywhere
84. Attend the Kentucky derby
85. Hike the appalachian trail
86. Be independently wealthy
87. Star gaze in Pan De Azucar, Chile
88. Live on a sailboat for a year
89. Travel across a continent in a converted van – I am literally obsessed with this idea! (see pinterest boards) #VanLife
90. Learn to meditate – practice this daily

91. Write a blog that is useful to and enjoyed by thousands of readers
92. Climb the red sand dunes in Namibia
93. Define what success means to me
94. Go apple picking
95. Once a year, do something for the first time
96. Wish on a shooting star
97. Visit every country in the world
98. Leave a journal behind for my grandchildren to read
99. Be remembered as someone who left a positive impact on those whose paths have crossed mine.
100. Leave the world a better place than I found it